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The Karmic loves scopes are on hold until further notice. I will decide what I want to do about them - if anything - in October.



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Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes - July 20 - 26, 2012

Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes - July 20 - 26, 2012
copyright Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer

New drawing! To be held September 30, 2012

I will be in Singapore for 3 weeks in September doing research for a future astro-project...I already have my plane ticket but as time grows closer I find myself struggling to save anything toward accommodation while there. As some of you may know, I was very ill for weeks earlier this year with pneumonia and I am working hard to get back on track with my client load and writing schedule...but I am still not able to do as much as I used to!  I am reaching out to my readers, friends, and clients for any help you may be able to give me at this time. I only have 30 days left to finalize my travel itinerary. In return, I am offering a drawing to be held for everyone who donates.

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If donations reach the $500 level, I will have my children randomly select 3 email addresses from a jar in both drawing categories. If donations fall below $500, we will select one winner in each drawing category. Those who donate $20+ will be entered in both drawings. You may enter as many times as you like by making another donation in any amount.

To register for the drawing and to donate to help me pay for accommodation in Singapore, please donate any amount by clicking the button below.  I will update the totals received weekly when I post the Karma scopes. Thanks so much for making this a possibility for me.

Also, if you live in Singapore or are willing to travel to Singapore in December and would like to be of assistance to me, please contact me directly at Dena@throughnightsfire.com. I will not publicly divulge the details here but you do not need to know astrology. Local knowledge of the area is preferred and I would only require 1 - 2 hours of your time in person. Volunteers are welcome but payment is also a possibility. I am in need of two interested individuals.

The Scopes are below:

Aries – Sagittarius 15 degrees
Moon Mansion 20 - Ruled by Jupiter & Mars
Sabian Symbol: The Ground Hog looking for its shadow
You may be faced with your own Shadow this week and it can be a fearsome and most frightening thing. Those around you will be irritating triggers for your projection of your own darker side and you are likely to have to confront some serious challenges through your relationships at this time. The purpose of this energy is to wake you up to your own inner demons and get you to face and potentially eradicate them.  Instead of placing blame on others, look in the mirror and consider what it is that you are really so fearful of.

Taurus – Scorpio 4 degrees
Moon Mansion 17 - Ruled by Mercury & Pluto
Sabian Symbol: A Youth holding a lighted candle
Love may seem to flicker and even fade at moments during the week, especially if you and your partner are going through a difficult period.  It’s time to focus on eliminating the draft in the relationship so there is less risk of the flame being blown out.  It is also possible that you are trying to view a relationship by candle light, so you aren’t seeing it very clearly…disappointments are part of life - the stronger the flame, the more vividly you may be able to see the problem areas now…

Gemini – Taurus 13 degrees          
Moon Mansion 4 – Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: A Man handling baggage
An important relationship in your life may seem much more like a burden than a joy this week.  It could be that you are carrying around some of the karmic weight of this person, or somehow taking it into yourself but you aren’t clearing it properly. If you can’t bear it any longer, release it…but don’t sit around complaining about it as this will only wedge the energy deeper into your own system!

Cancer – Pisces 18 degrees
Moon Mansion 28 - Ruled by the Moon & Pluto
Sabian Symbol: A gigantic tent
Keep control of your tendency to blow situations out of control in your relationships this week.  Your past conditioning may leave you feeling that you are worth less than you actually are…or perhaps you are projecting that you are more important than you really are in order to cover over insecurities.  Life is unpredictable…and so is love. Driving yourself crazy trying to cover all the angles will only unsettle your love life and leave you feeling empty.

Leo – Capricorn 20 degrees
Moon Mansion 23 - Ruled by Venus & Mercury
Sabian Symbol:  A hidden choir singing
A strong psychic connection you share with another was well-developed in the past together, perhaps in a very quiet and sacred place where you communicated on a higher level without words. This week you will notice that the connection is once again much stronger and you may desire to reconnect (if you’re separated) or, if you’re still relating, you may want to ‘practice’ together and see just how far you can go.  Listen to your inner voice and spend time in silence.

Virgo – Capricorn 29 degrees
Moon Mansion 24 - Ruled by Mercury & Uranus
Sabian Symbol: A woman reading tea leaves
Your intuition is incredible this week regarding your love relationships. What may seem obvious to you may not be so for others, so keep that in mind as you communicate with a loved one. Although you may see the future unfolding for the two of you, chances are your partner is still oblivious and you may risk forcing a decision if you issue an ultimatum or expose too much of what you know is to come. Remember, we create our own future and our own fate but nothing is set in stone when it comes to relationships. We have no control over what a loved feels or doesn’t feel, or does or doesn’t do. Patience and serenity is needed…pay attention to the vision but don’t confuse your lover.

Libra – Gemini 29 degrees
Moon Mansion 7 - Ruled by Venus & Uranus
Sabian Symbol: The First Mockingbird in the Spring
There’s a sense that you have been adopting a social mask and not truly allowing others, particularly a lover, to see beneath it to the real you.  Wounds from the past may have played a role in the development of a deep fear to really share yourself…for some of you, it may even mean that you do not know who or what you truly are or feel inside. This makes it very difficult to maintain or grow a relationship from the heart.  This week will offer you the chance to find yourself or discover how you really feel for a partner…don’t be afraid to unleash your ‘heart song.’

Scorpio – Capricorn 8 degrees
Moon Mansion 22 - Ruled by Saturn & Venus
Sabian Symbol: Birds in the house singing happily
Focus on the spiritual link you have with your loved one this week and how it brings pleasure and joy into your life. Sing for the fun of it, touch and kiss and laugh…write a love song together. The happier and more creative you are, the easier it will be to spread joy to those around you. Share your combined light and make the world a better place for it.

Sagittarius – Pisces 27 degrees
Moon Mansion 28 - Ruled by the Moon & Pluto
Sabian Symbol: A Harvest Moon
The karmic implications of the Harvest Moon are deeply symbolic of the phrase “Ye shall reap as ye have sown.”  Your actions, or inactions, in the past play a significant role in any difficulties you are experiencing in a love relationship now. Likewise, your past actions may also be bringing in blessings now - if so, enjoy! You have earned it! But if you ARE having trouble, it is time to focus on creating a positive atmosphere and attitude. Being negative now will sow more seeds of discontent.

Capricorn – Virgo 10 degrees
Moon Mansion 13 - Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: Two heads looking out beyond the shadows
Any problems in your relationship this week can be dealt with swiftly and firmly if you remain open to one another and communicate.  Together you can come up with solutions to deal with both the external world and the inner world of your union; this ability will benefit you both as individuals and as a couple.  As a team you can pull together and make things happen.  Two heads (and perspectives) are better than one.

Aquarius -  Cancer 18 degrees
Moon Mansion 10 - Ruled by Neptune & the Sun
Sabian Symbol: A modern Pocahontas
It’s time to cut through the relationship dross in order to discover (or create) the gold. Your lover (or you) may be in denial about the relationship - or an aspect of the relationship -  and so one of you must have the heart to pierce through or disregard any elements of blackmail or hypocrisy this week.  Be prepared to have your convictions tested and perhaps held over you like a smoking gun.  Make your bid for peace and turn the other cheek in order to avoid creating negative karma for yourself.

Pisces – Virgo 15 degrees
Moon Mansion 13 - Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: An ornamental handkerchief
Delicate feelings are close to the surface this week and you may not know how to handle them, within yourself or in a partner. Spirit suggests that one of your relationships could be more ‘ornamental’ than deeply felt; in other words, are you keeping up appearances (for whatever reason) or do you truly enjoy the partnership? Pride may rule the day when you both could benefit from sharing a deeper intimacy. If you are feeling oversensitive, choose your words wisely and strive to be genuine in your responses.

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Short delay

Hello...just a brief note to let my readers know that there will be a short delay this week. I am buried in preparations for a consultation I have this evening and won't get to the scopes until late tonight. They will be posted by sometime tomorrow.



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Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes - July 13 - 19, 2012

Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes - July 13 - 19, 2012

copyright Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer
Aries – Leo 5 degrees
Moon Mansion 10 - Ruled by Neptune & the Sun
Sabian Symbol: Rock formation at the edge of a precipice
You are entering a new stage in a relationship (or a new relationship entirely) and may feel excited and apprehensive at the same time!  This may not be a conventional relationship, but it has your heart fluttering and it will test your strengths and try your weaknesses when it comes to love.  You do not know what is up ahead but you will never forgive yourself if you don’t find out! Take a calculated risk and focus on what is in your heart.

Taurus – Scorpio 29 degrees
Moon Mansion 19 - Ruled by the Moon & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: An Indian squaw pleading to the Chief for the lives of her children
Heavy karma may be coming due now as you are caught up in a fierce battle for ‘survival’ within a love relationship. Survival may be mental, emotional, physical, or be an actual battle concerning your children (or a work project, a creative endeavor, anything you think of as your ‘baby’ - even it is simply a bank account!). Whatever it is, one of you is very vulnerable and the other is taking advantage or engaging in a ‘power’ over scenario. If you are the vulnerable one, now is the time to question what you really want out of life - do you want to be someone who makes life happen or someone who thinks life happens to you? If you are abusing or manipulating another, recognize that every person has the right to be who and what they want to be, not what you want them to be.  Imposing your will on another will only add to the karmic weight already upon your back. 

Gemini – Aries 13 degrees
Moon Mansion 2 - Ruled by the Sun & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: An unsuccessful bomb explosion
You may be longing for greener pastures or eager to sample a lover who seems decidedly out of reach, as one thing after another crops up to prevent your relationship from developing or going in the direction you’d hoped it would take. The energy arising from within suggests that you have had quite the excitable or explosive life in the past and you find the current slower pace rather frustrating. Instead of wishing for more or pushing a lover for movement, count your blessings and shore up any holes in your connection this week.

Cancer – Pisces 5 degrees
Moon Mansion 27: Ruled by Neptune & the Moon
Sabian Symbol: A Church Bazaar
A gentle flow of calm and trusting emotion…the sweet touch of compassion and charity…these are aspects of love that do not receive the recognition that they may deserve.  Most of us are after a passionate, erotic, and exciting relationship, sometimes overlooking the comfort of the familiar and the understanding of an unflagging, supportive friendship.  Spend time this week nurturing those close to you who are always there for you through thick and thin, even if they may not keep you ‘on your toes’ or arouse you sexually.  The soft touch of a comforting hand may be what you need now.

Leo – Leo 26 degrees
Moon Mansion 12 - Ruled by Mars & Mercury
Sabian Symbol: A Rainbow
A relationship you are involved in may be testing your very faith in love. Love is rarely easy, but your current love may be the most trying and potentially rewarding you’ve ever experienced. How you react and respond to the beauty depends on your personality and personal situation…some of you may be unable to see the beauty through all the clouds. The karmic pull and significance of your loved one in your life will awaken you to a deeper divine within and without…he or she may be your own bright bridge that connects Heaven and Earth. Whether the relationship will become a lasting one or merely fades from the sky, the crises and deep love between you will etch themselves in your memory forever.

Virgo – Capricorn 12 degrees
Moon Mansion 22 - Ruled by Saturn & Venus
Sabian Symbol: A student of nature lecturing
It’s important that you pay attention to how you are living your relationship this week…do you feel you connect with and understand your partner? Or are external forces or difficult inner turmoil preventing you from expressing love and affection? Focusing on the facts can come across as cold and uncaring…being aggressive (physically or verbally) only brings fear or resentment.  Don’t assume how your lover is feeling…ask.

Libra – Gemini 2 degrees
Moon Mansion 5 - Ruled by Saturn & Mercury
Sabian Symbol: Santa Claus filling stockings furtively
Goodwill is a necessity, especially if your partner or a close friend is going through a difficult time. Generosity of spirit can help heal even the most damaged relationship - true generosity of spirit, that is. If you expect to receive recognition for what you do now, you will find your connection becoming increasingly difficult. Show love freely without expecting anything in return. Let ‘love is it’s own reward’ be your mantra for this week.

Scorpio – Aries 12 degrees
Moon Mansion 1 - Ruled by Mars & the Sun
Sabian Symbol: A flock of wild geese
A sense of frustration permeates your most intimate relationship this week…the timing may be off or you may simply be impatient, but however this is manifesting for you, the bottom line is that you may feel ready to fly away in order to escape the tension.  It’s possible that you now feel strong enough to go it alone and to face any heartache as it arrives…Spirit is suggesting that to run away now would be premature. Honor your commitments - spoken or not - now and wait for the tide to turn in your favor…other members of your spiritual ‘flock’ may arrive this week to offer support and guidance.

Sagittarius – Pisces 21 degrees
Moon Mansion 28 - Ruled by the Moon & Pluto
Sabian Symbol: A little white lamb, a child, & a Chinese servant
If your relationship has been confusing as of late, it is time to purify and simplify your connection with one another. Focus on the inner Soul of your partner instead of the day to day personality…what are the positive, beautiful qualities within that draws you to him or her?   By taking a step back and viewing the forest instead of the trees, you will be better able to ride out the rough spots and respond in a spontaneous and more loving manner even when things aren’t perfect between you…work to recognize the perfection of the imperfections.

Capricorn – Virgo 1 degree
Moon Mansion 12 - Ruled by Mars & Mercury
Sabian Symbol: A Man’s head
Refuse to be anything you are not in order to attract (or hold together) a relationship. Now is not the time to sell yourself out or short. Exploring your own individual identity this week will strengthen your place in the world and your confidence in yourself…which will, in turn, earn the admiration of others. Others may challenge you but hold firm and true and you will be respected.

Aquarius – Capricorn 4 degrees
Moon Mansion 22 - Ruled by Saturn & Venus
Sabian Symbol: A party entering a large canoe
There is a sense of fate surrounding a relationship you are currently involved in. The contract between you reaches far into the past and it is your obligation to fulfill your side of the agreement. If you feel like tossing someone ‘overboard,’ realize that this is the very person you must work harder to maintain a connection with. No one ever said love was easy.

Pisces – Aries 23 degrees
Moon Mansion 2 - Ruled by the Sun & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load
You seem to be carrying a karmic burden within yourself regarding a love relationship…perhaps you are hiding how you really feel…or maybe you have yet to let go of tender feelings for an old lover although you have long been separated. It may be that you must keep your feelings to yourself in order to protect another, or you feel you must…but keep in mind that the more you suppress, the more likely the burden will grow heavier and heavier. It’s time to look at the situation with more clarity…you may keep secrets from others, but its when you start hiding things from yourself that the situation becomes truly dangerous.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes - July 6 - July 12, 2012

Weekly Karmic Love Scopes - Karma Horoscopes
copyright Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer

Aries – Leo 15 degrees
Moon Mansion 11 - Ruled by the Sun & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: A Pageant
You may suddenly become aware of a pattern in your relationships as the person you are with now or interested in brings an emphasis to an aspect of yourself or your beliefs when it comes to love and relating. This could be through direct discussion or simply a feeling of de ja vu, but either way, don’t freak out and dramatize what is happening now. Refuse to go overboard and rush right into deepening the connection…and likewise, don’t rush out of the relationship either!! You have something very important to learn so pay attention.

Taurus – Taurus 10 degrees
Moon Mansion 4 -Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: A red cross nurse
You may spend your time attending to the needs of others this week, perhaps at the expense of yourself. A lover may be taking advantage of your need to ‘save’ others or you, yourself, may feel internal pressure to be an ‘angel’ or healer…or to do the right thing as perceived by others.  It’s important to only give from the depth of your spirit and with good intentions, otherwise you may wear yourself out and discover that instead of finding liberation through service you are enslaved by it.

Gemini – Pisces 3 degrees
Moon Mansion 26- Ruled by Venus & Neptune
Sabian Symbol: A Petrified Forest
A deep kernel of karmic residue is winding its way into your life now and making itself known in a close relationship - and the Soul you are involved with is likely the person you were involved with in the past, the one who helped create this embedded emotion (or fear) within you. This is an opportunity for amazing growth, but you need to remain active and positive. Nurture the positive emotions evoked and detach from the fearful ones as they will hold you and the relationship back.

Cancer – Capricorn 18 degrees
Moon Mansion 23 - Ruled by Mercury & Venus
Sabian Symbol: The Union Jack
You may feel as if you are walking on eggshells at points this week as your relationship may feel more like an uneasy alliance than a happy-go-lucky love affair. Challenges may arise now that will force the two of you to establish an understanding that yes, you are two different people and no, you can’t always approve of or enjoy everything your partner does. It’s time to work on learning to live with each other’s differences and to be more supportive of individual needs. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you have to give up your own identity…and if you are single, be yourself and refuse to bend yourself to your own idea of what a partner might want.

Leo – Taurus 21 degrees
Moon Mansion 4 - Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: A finger pointing in an open book
The writing is on the wall regarding an important relationship (or relationship development)…you can see the direction so clearly that you may hesitate and linger too long while you read it over and over and over…Spirit is asking you to keep things in perspective.  ‘Read’ what is there before you, digest the information, and move forward. Karmic situations seem to have the potential to unravel this week as long as you read and heed the fine print.

Virgo – Aries 1 degree
Moon Mansion 1 - Ruled by Mars & the Sun
Sabian Symbol: A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her
You are in the midst of great and profound personal change and as you come to recognize and honor that you cannot step in the same river twice, you will pull your relationship along with you. Life is always changing, and your relationship must now evolve along with you or it will attempt to pull you back into your old self. Do not allow anything or anyone to convince you that you must make a sacrifice now.

Libra – Sagittarius 13 degrees
Moon Mansion 20 - Ruled by Jupiter & Mars
Sabian Symbol: A widow’s past brought to light
Dark secrets may well be revealed this week, either your own or those of a romantic partner. Whether you are ready to share or learn of this ’truth’ or it will be forced upon you really depends on your own situation and personality.  Opening sealed doors can be extremely difficult or painful, but once you get inside and start cleaning out the cobwebs you will find that the energy of your ’house’ starts to flow with a remarkably pure and clean essence…sometimes the truth hurts, but it will also set you free.

Scorpio – Aries 8 degrees
Moon Mansion 1 - Ruled by Mars & the Sun
Sabian Symbol: A large hat with streamers flying, facing East
Even if your relationships have been a bit rocky, this is a week to focus on the positive aspects of your partner and relationship.  Find ways to keep the spark alive and dancing between you…express your romantic feelings as they come upon you. Take time to share yourself and find enthusiasm for others, as your liveliness will help buoy them through any rough spots this week. Wear your sense of inner joy as a crown upon your head.

Sagittarius – Taurus 20 degrees
Moon Mansion 4 - Ruled by Mercury & Saturn
Sabian Symbol: Wind, Clouds, & Haste
It’s all about control this week and your need to be the one holding the reins.  If you’re trying to fix a lover or struggling to possess him or her body and soul, you may be in for a rude awakening now. Impatience will be the hand that tips the cradle and anxiety about how to shape future events with your partner will help manifest exactly what you don’t want to happen…patience and observation is needed.

Capricorn – Gemini 3 degrees
Moon Mansion 5 - Ruled by Saturn & Mercury
Sabian Symbol: The garden of the Tuileries
Preconceived ideals may be impossible to manifest or maintain this week, so don’t waste your energy trying.  Life is not going to fit into any sort of box you can create…it is the very nature of the Universe to work in ways beyond anything we can imagine, so let go of how things ‘should’ be and learn to enjoy things are they are. Inappropriate values and impossible standards can suffocate love…relax and let nature take it’s course.

Aquarius – Aries 18 degrees
Moon Mansion 2 - Ruled by the Sun & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: An empty hammock
There is a great need to relax, recover, and find time for yourself this week. While the pressures of the outside world have been heavy for a while, you haven’t really made it a top priority to step back and cherish yourself. If you can, take a short trip (even a daytrip) and let everything drop. The world will continue to turn without your draining yourself trying to make everyone else happy for a day. It is also possible that you and a lover are really crowding one another and the relationship itself needs a breather.  Let your partner have time for him or herself while you take some ‘Me’ time.

Pisces – Scorpio 25 degrees
Moon Mansion 19 - Ruled by the Moon & Jupiter
Sabian Symbol: The King of the Fairies approaching his domain
Complications in your love relationships are likely to arise due to your own fears and past disillusionments.  Struggling to control the outcome of a relationship is much harder work than learning to control your own actions and behavior. Spend time owning your own power rather than trying to own someone else.